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Who are we?

  • A UK based charity
  • Maintaining an Ethiopian orphanage
  • Sponsored by private donation
  • Registered Charity No.1086141 



Home, house or orphanage?


Our home is a small self contained secure property on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, close to schools, colleges and all local amenities.


No one associated with The Ethiopia Link refers to the orphanage; we (and  the children) call it ‘home’.  There is no sign outside the gate to set the building and children apart from their neighbours. We try to make it as close to a normal home as possible.



Children from all faiths are welcome in our home.


All children are enrolled at local schools, we cover the cost of transport, uniforms and educational materials necessary for their various studies. Several of our children have entered higher education at college in the Addis Ababa. The eldest girl at our home completed her nursing training at a medical college in Addis Ababa in 2013 whilst four others passed their finals in 2013, and are all now in their second year at University. on. One of the girls is studying journalism and the second girl engineering, one of the boys is studying architecture and the other engineering science.

We are very proud of each of these young people and they have helped us with their hard work to prove that the aims and objectives of our charity are working. 

After childhood

 The house is managed and structured to reflect  normal family life. In the U.K. if one of our children leaves education and wishes to stay at home, so be it. That is the same family feeling we give to those in our care. We cannot rescue these children from almost certain death on the streets, only to put them back there.

When they get older, finish education and start work we help and support them until they leave to start their own independent lives and families. They are expected to obtain gainful employment with an element of their wages used to pay their way (house-keeping) until they fly the nest, just like young people in the U.K.

Child protection (security and vetting)

 We take child protection very seriously. To ensure the children are as safe as possible, all visitors to the house are vetted by the trustees of The Ethiopia Link; having to complete a ‘Visit Application Form’ and if felt necessary visitors undergo a C.R.B. (Criminal Records Bureau) check.

Our home is situated in a residential area and has secure fencing, doors and gates.

Trustees visits, audits and inspections

 On average the house is visited five times a year, by volunteers and at least once a year by a Trustee.

Meetings and regular contact with care staff and teachers ensure that the children are receiving the support and education they require.


Want to know more?

Further information may be obtained from ethiopialink@ymail.com


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