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We can't help but notice that you're using Internet Explorer 6. This is a very old browser. It's actually a decade old! Consequentially, it is now slowly being retired and phased out all across the internet. Big companies such as Amazon and Google have declared that they are stopping all support, and so has the Ethiopia Link charity. The money we saved not supporting and elderly browser like IE6 will go straight to the orphanage instead. So this site will probably not display as well as if you used a more modern browser. There are plenty of alternatives including newer versions of Internet Explorer, all free!

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Who are we?

  • A UK based charity
  • Maintaining an Ethiopian orphanage
  • Sponsored by private donation
  • Registered Charity No.1086141 
Article released on Wednesday the 21st of March

Once again we would sincerely like to thank everyone who has helped us in the past 12 months.


As well as the most appreciated donations from single donors we are again extremely thankful for funds which we have been granted from other organisations and groups.


The Military Order of the collar, www.mocfoundation.org has been supporting our cause since 2006 and again we would like to express our sincere thanks, without their help over the past years we would have struggled to support the children in our care.


The Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, www.st-lazarus.org.uk has been a great friend of our charity for the past 6 years and the kindness and support shown by them has really helped us in our work in Ethiopia.








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