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We can't help but notice that you're using Internet Explorer 6. This is a very old browser. It's actually a decade old! Consequentially, it is now slowly being retired and phased out all across the internet. Big companies such as Amazon and Google have declared that they are stopping all support, and so has the Ethiopia Link charity. The money we saved not supporting and elderly browser like IE6 will go straight to the orphanage instead. So this site will probably not display as well as if you used a more modern browser. There are plenty of alternatives including newer versions of Internet Explorer, all free!

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Who are we?

  • A UK based charity
  • Maintaining an Ethiopian orphanage
  • Sponsored by private donation
  • Registered Charity No.1086141 

The Ethiopia Link established our orphanage in Addis Ababa through fund raising efforts mainly within England, but also through some generous benefactors from further afield. 

Our commitment cannot stop there. We need your help!

Long term sponsorship will ensure the future of the children in our care and  help with further expansion of our care work. We would be grateful if you could help us to achieve our goals of raising essential funds. We would like to offer you the chance to join us in helping to bring a smile to a child’s face by becoming a benefactor. Any donation no matter how small will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged.

We need to fund our home in Addis Ababa on an on-going basis and are appealing for your help. The home is established, but we need long-term sponsorship to ensure the future of the children. 

Our payments are handled safely and securely by Google Checkout, allowing you to donate in the full confidence that your money will be going directly to the support and continuation of out project.

We only ask that you give whatever you can by donating through our online checkout. If you do choose to give to us, please remember to tick the option for gift aid, which can help us to claim back the basic tax rate on any donations you make. You can read more about the benefits of gift aid here

We get no government funding and rely entirely on your donations

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