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Who are we?

  • A UK based charity
  • Maintaining an Ethiopian orphanage
  • Sponsored by private donation
  • Registered Charity No.1086141 

About us

We are a group of people based in Plymouth. Through contacts in Ethiopia and, for some of us, through visiting the country and seeing for ourselves the awesome problems the country has in recovering from decades of hunger, disease and more recently the effects of war, we felt we had to do something.

It was not easy to decide which children had the greatest needs – quite simply they all have needs. But we felt we had to begin by helping the most vulnerable. We had established a close working relationship with Ethiopian welfare services who were eager to pass on their knowledge of which children were in the most vulnerable situation and therefore had the most urgent need for help from us.

Our Objectives

  • To give aid to orphan and abandoned children who are in danger of being homeless.
  • To provide a safe and secure home for as long as they may need it.
  • To provide clothing, fresh food and clean water for drinking and washing.
  • To provide medical and dental care.
  • To ensure our children receive a good education by being enrolled in a local school or college.
  • Encourage the use of English as their second language.
  • To bring up the children in a "family" atmosphere.


Want to know more?

Further information may be obtained from ethiopialink@ymail.com

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